Blue Flower

Tommi Drake - Local Artist

Passions and dreams. . . my passion is art. My dream is more art to enhance our lives.

Art can be so many things. . . that is part of the beauty of art in our lives. Through many meetings I have heard artists speak of having a job through their art, of people wanting our economy in Jo Co to improve, of art lovers wanting public art in our town, galleries to visit and enjoy, lecture series to attend, poetry readings to listen, plays to see and music to hear. It is with all of these things in mind that Art Works grew from the idea of a commercial foundry to include an art quad on RCC’s main campus for workshops and increased classroom space for our lifelong learners, and then to our community and what is wanted in our county, A group of community members and college staff came together to move the ideas forward.

We have such a great base to grow more with including the grants pass museum of art. Eileen bowie recently started an artist’s lecture series on the third Tuesday of the month in the musuem, our First Fridays have grown in popularity through the experitise of Ruth McGregor, Marshal McDaniels dreamed of an art studio in town – he has that now in aisle G. Craig and Timori Cox recently returned and opened the Southern Oreagon Art School and an Art Supply store. Evergreen continues from the bears to illustrate how Art Works. Our new hospital is an Art Work. We have the Gratns Pass Arts Advisory of the city, the Jo Co Cutlrual Coalition both working to increased art opporutnites for our children and public art. Art Along the Rogue Chalk Painting festival. Concerts in the Park in our beautiful Riverside Park. So many wonderful things happening in our town and community.

Art and business can work well together. Our dreams can become our town. Our passions can become a strong economic factor. What do you want? What are you dreams. . . your passions??

Let’s do it!!