Blue Flower

About Art Works

The arts are an essential human pursuit and an integral element of community. Art creates opportunity and enriches the lives of individuals and families. Drawing and sculpture are more than elaborate decoration. Music and drama are not mindless diversion. Each is the meaningful expression of the free spirit, creative minds, and practiced skills.

Creating Jobs

Rogue Comminity College's Art Works initiative is developing partnerships and cooperative projects to create more arts-related opportunities and activities, on campus, downtown and throughout the area. In time these will expand the economic, cultural and civic life of the community, as well as attract more visitors to longer stays year around in the Grants Pass area.

Building Community

Our community embraces its growing tradition of art with a passion. Artists and everyday people, civic groups and public bodies, and significantly, businesses and industry share a spirit and a willingness to come together to do the hard work. Through Art Works, our community takes the next step in economic development, in cultural enhancement, in civic improvement, and in improving our overall quality of life.

Realizing Dreams

Art celebrates the human spirit and the work of the human hand. It begins with imagination and achieves success through support and enduring effort, as does every creative endeavor, be it in art, business, one's livelihood, or a community undertaking as comprehensive and laden with possibilities as the Art Works initiative.